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Tattu 14000mAh 12S 15C AGRI

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Cells: 12S 1P
Nominal capacity: 14000mAh @ 0.2C Discharge
Minimum capacity: 13500mAh @ 0.2C Discharge
Nominal voltage: 44.4V
PACK Voltage(As of shipment): 45.0~46.2V(cell:3.75~3.85V)
Internal Impedance: ≤12mΩ
Dimensions:  MAX(T*W*H): 90*163*223.8mm±1mm
Pack weight: 4250±100 g (APPROX)
Standard Charge:  0.2C CC(constant current)charge to50.4V,then
CV(constant voltage 50.4V)charge till charge
current decline to ≤0.05C
Rapid Charge:  Constant Current 20A,Constant Voltage 50.4V,0.05C
Charging time: Standard Charging:7.5 hours(Ref.)
                         Rapid charge:1.0 hours(Ref.)
Standard discharge: Constant current 0.2C end voltage 38.4V
Maximum discharge current: Constant current 80A end voltage 42.6V