FPV Racing South Africa

If you are keen to get involved please join our communities.  We have a Facebook group and Slack.  Slack is a Chat platform which can hold more people and be split into "channels". There are some great people there who can help.  If it's your latest miniquad build, tuning your flight controller or just finding someone to fly with.


FPV Racing South Africa

Used for sharing links, knowledge, meetups and events.  Second hand For Sale section too.


Please email slack@flyingrobot.co.za 

Live help from the some of the most experienced pilots in the country.  Lots of great channels which are either city specific or topic specific.  "Fix it" channel is the most popular helping solve issues instantly.


FPV Arena 

A great resource for information and meeting fellow pilots.  There are some great build logs and helpful  articles.


Flying Robot Blog

Content created by the local community as a resource for others.  With great articles like "How to build an LC Filter".