B&W 3000 Case with Foam or Dividers

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Extremely rugged, dustproof, waterproof, temperature-stable, stackable: Our outdoor cases have everything it takes to stand up to nature. One of the features that guarantees this is the super stable polypropylene (PP) material used to manufacture our outdoor.cases. To make the case as sturdy and secure as possible, the design and every single function took years to develop and are continually tested. This is what makes us confident enough to offer a full 30-year warranty on our outdoor cases series.

All features at a glance

  • Extremely stable case: shell made of polypropylene (PP)
  • UN Certificate of Approval, max. weight 5,5 Kg
  • Stackable
  • Dustproof
  • Temperature-stable
  • Waterproof (IP67 rating)
  • Airworthy: automatic pressure equalization valve
  • Egg crate foam under lid
  • Eyelets for padlock
  • Inner dimensions: 330mm x 235mm x 150mm
  • Outer dimensions: 365mm x 295mm x 170mm
  • Volume: 11.7 L
  • Available in two colors: black, yellow
  • Interior options: divider system (RPD), precut pick-and-pluck foam (SI)
  • 30-year warranty


Our outdoor.case type 3000 is not only a waterproof case… it is also dustproof, temperature-stable, and can withstand hard impacts. This is due to the case’s design, which was thought out down to the smallest detail, its rugged and dependable materials that harmonize with one another flawlessly, and its many other functions. We are not the only ones who think so: The ruggedness and reliability of our outdoor.cases have been and are regularly tested, inspected, and certified by national and international bodies. Our outdoor cases have received the UN Certificate of Approval, among others, are certified under ATA 300 and STANAG 4280, and are rated IP67.

Our outdoor.case type 3000 is airworthy

Expensive, sensitive equipment is wonderfully stored in our outdoor.case type 3000. Even on flights, this outdoor case is a loyal companion and protector. Thanks to the standard built-in pressure equalization valve, this outdoor case automatically regulates the pressure inside. Whether temperature and pressure fluctuations, or hard impacts: The pressure equalization valve steps in and provides total protection.

As a DJI Mavic Pro accessory, GoPro accessories case, or microphone case: What will your outdoor.case type 3000 be?

Our outdoor.case type 3000 adapts to you and your equipment: whether as a DJI Mavic Pro accessory, a microphone and camera case, or as a GoPro accessories case. All of this is possible with a flexible interior, available as an accessory for the case. The outdoor case type 3000 can be enhanced and customized with either precut pick-and-pluck foam or a padded divider system. The lid of the outdoor.case comes standard with egg crate foam


  • airworthy
  • dustproof
  • waterproof (IP67 certified)
  • extremely robust
  • easy-open locks
  • two eyelets for padlocks (Ø 0.2 inch)
  • stackable
  • temperature stable
  • 30-year warranty


A (A1): 14.37 inch / 365mm

B: 11.61 inch / 295mm

C: 6.69 inch / 170mm

A (A1) inside: 12.99 inch / 330mm

B inside: 9.25 inch / 235mm

C inside: 5.91 inch / 150mm

D (lid) inside: 1.57 inch / 40mm

E (bottom) inside: 4.33 inch / 110mm

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