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Free Shipping for orders over R1000*

mRo I2C Airspeed Sensor JST-GH MS4525DO

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[Assembled in California]

Updated! Most digital airspeed sensors out there are using I2C signals leveled at 5V, which does not meet the PixHawk standards. This version comes with a level translator that allows it to operate at 3.3V (SCL & SDA). Note the power supply is still 5V.

Update 2! Now comes with a high-quality aluminum pitot tube and nonabsorbing PVC tube that provides better humidity stability (and reading performance). The tube is very clear, so can easily monitor for inner impurities.

From outside it just looks like a regular Airspeed board but if you remove the actual sensor you will see that includes little extra electronics to solve this issue, that includes an I2C Level Translator and a 3.3V Voltage Regulator:

The mRo Classic airspeed sensor is equipped with a Measurement Specialties 4525DO sensor that has a 1 psi measurement range. Resolution is 0.84 Pa with data delivered at 14 bits from a 24 bit delta-sigma ADC via an I2C interface.

What is included:
-mRo I2C Airspeed Sensor JST-GH
-MRC0205 - mRo 4-Pins JST-GH to 4-Pins JST-GH]
-Pitot Tube
-RoHs Compliant, Highly flexible, Clear PVC tubing (
2ft/61cm). Durometer 65A.