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T-Motor Folding Polymer Propeller - MF1806 (Pair)

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The T-Motor Folding Polymer Propeller is Tiger Motor's latest propeller innovation for the large scale / commercial drone industry. T-Motor's injection molding process has been refined time and time again, resulting in the X Carbon series. X Carbon props feature an impressive mix of carbon fiber and polymer properties that give the user a lightweight yet amazingly durable folding propeller that exudes quality.

This folding propeller has great features like 0.25mm trailing edges, to reduce airflow resistance to your drone and provide more lift. Its prop connector is made of 7075 aluminum alloy to help prevent rust. Additionally, a heat insulating coating is employed to the surface of the propeller, to protect your propeller from ultraviolet rays that could heat up and deform the shape of the propeller over time.

The folding ability of these propellers allows for easy transport and practicality in storage.


  • Length: 18.4"
  • Pitch: 6.6"
  • Weight: 37g
  • Material: Polymer +CF
  • Ambient Temp: -40°C-65°C
  • Package Size: 230x85x38mm
  • Recommended Thrust/RPM: 1 ~ 1.8kg/3200 ~ 4200RPM


  • 1x CW Polymer Folding Propeller
  • 1x CCW Polymer Folding Propeller
  • 4x Screws