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Here at Flying Robot we are working hard on trying to grow the local South African FPV Racing community.  We want to help connect racers across the country and encourage them to start organising  FPV racing meetups in their cities.

What do you think of using an online tool like Meetup to do this?  Leave a comment below if you think this is a great idea and we'll set it up to organise your next race meet. 

We have already setup a Facebook FPV Racing group as well as a Whats App group where we talk, setups, build tips, troubleshooting, tuning and finding people to fly with.  More like find some opposition.  Thats what any racer needs to go faster and push harder.  More details on those groups can be found in the link above.

What makes a good racing circuit and where can I race?

Any large field will work.  Trees make it more fun and serve as markers turns or even gates.

Joining your local RC club and SAAMA can help speedup your entry into the RC hobby.  We recommend visiting the club a couple of times first before joining.  See how friendly the members are and how open they are to FPV.  Whats great about FPV racing is we keep low and close by.  So never flying out of the clubs designated air space.  SAAMA does recommend a spotter at all times while flying FPV.  We don't really see the point of this for racing.

If you can get permission to use an empty parking garage that works great for hosting indoor races when the weather is too cold or windy.  Also great for night time meetings.

What racing events are coming up?

FPV Fest South Africa  taking place in Cape Town on 1-3 May 2015

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If you have any questions or would like a demo please leave us a comment below or use the contact form here.