X-Racer F4 Flight Controller

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Introducing the X-Racer F4. This board is not for everyone and is designed with simplicity in mind. If you're one of the guys that tries to stay away from the AIO flight controllers then chances are high this board is for you. 

X-Racer F4 offers a minimalistic approach to the flight controller market while still giving you the features you need for racing and freestyle flight. This board has strong roots to the X-Racer F303 and in many ways still offers the same functionality of the previous versions with only offering two major updates. 

We have upgraded to an F4 processor to ensure that the CPU loads will remain low with the newest heavy hitting release of Betaflight 3.2, and we have also upgraded to include the OSD chip and give you full access to Betaflight OSD which many have come to rely on.

X-Racer F4 also comes with 6 PWM outputs making it an excellent choice for those of you who may be more interested in running a hex setup for Freedom Class racing.


Friendly reminder: Due to only the UART1 has built-in inverter for SBUS receiver, other UART 3-6 are without built-in inverters, the receiver needs to connect the TX pad of flight controller directly without using its built-in inverter.