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The iBCrazy VAS Cyclone RHCP 5.8GHz has been designed for pilots who their video into difficult areas, such as through woods, low altitude or inside buildings.
The Cyclone dos the highest axial ratio of any Omni direction antenna available.
If you are looking for an antenna with great video clarity with the least break up, then look no further.

When installing the Cyclone on a mini quad, use a 90deg SMA adapter to angle the antenna in a horizontal plane, then using a lighter, heat up the cable and bend into a vertical position.
In a crash, the 90deg SMA adapter may come apart, and save the connector on the antenna.
This is known as a sacrificial connector and may save both your VTX and your antenna.

The Cyclone is compatible with all 5.8Ghz VTx and VRX systems and comes with a RPSMA to SMA adapter.