Sim Cable for FlySky i6 Transmitter

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This is a cable specifically made for the FlySky i6 radio.

Can be used with any Windows PC with a mic input.

You will need to download the following programs:

vJoy  and  SmartPropoPlus


Step by step guide

To connect your radio via the mic Jack, follow this step by step guide.

Step 1: Create a new model on you radio, Acro/plane setup, save as sim

Step 2: Connect your radio to the Mic jack

Step 3: Go to Control Panel - Sound - Recording
Rightclick on Microphone, select properties
Navigate to the advanced tab
Change 'Default Format' to 'CD Quality'

Step 4: Download and install "Vjoy"

Step 5: Download and install "SmartPropoPlus"

Step 5: Configure Vjoy
Axes: only select X,Y,Z, and RX
Apply settings and Click OK

Step 6: Open SmartPropoPlus
Switch on Radio
Program should recognize the Radio
Under the 'Transmitter' tab select 'Walkera' in the PPM list
Move your slicks, it should reflect.

Don't close SmartPropoPlus

Step 7: download and install FPVFreerider

Step 8: In the game
Select Calibrate Controller

Step 9: Use trim on your Radio to ensure that all the circles (shown in the Controller Calibration menu) are neutral.

Step 10: follow the on screen instructional to calibrate your Radio

Step 11: on the Game main menu set "Throttle zero at bottom"

Step 12: Enjoy!

Thanks to Ridwaan Ebrahim for this guide.