Quanum Goggle V2 add on kit

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Upgrade your Quanum DIY FPV V2 Goggles with this V2 add on kit.  It incorporates many new features that you have all been asking for and will effectively bring your V2 Goggle set up to V2Pro specs at minimal cost. 

A new, clear acrylic three lens set (1X, 1.25X or 1.5X magnification) and lens frame adapter providing a superior improvement in quality over the previous fresnel lens set. 

A battery pouch with velcro flap and buckle has been added and is excellent for mounting your battery on to the goggle's headstrap (behind the user's head) and will take a battery up to 77mm x 35mm x 22mm.

An EVA foam adapter for mounting a smartphone onto your goggles will turn your V2's into a Virtual Reality headset for gaming etc. Recommended for smartphone sizes up to Samsung Galaxy S6. Smartphone ports are accessible on the ends and the V2's neoprene glove front straps will hold it in place.

Extra comfortable sponge rubber strips with double sided tape have been added for extra cushioning when wearing the goggles and are simply cut to size to match the users requirements. 

• New clear acrylic lens set and frame (1.0X, 1.25X and 1.50X magnification)
• Battery pouch
• Metal “S” loop for top strap adjustment to improve wearer comfort and fitting
• Extra comfortable sponge rubber cushoining strips for facial comfort
• EVA foam adapter for smartphone for mounting
• A set of extension/conversion cables including:
      a) 3.5mm female phone jack to 2.5mm male phone plug adapter
      b) FPV DC jack to 1x5521 DC plug, 2x3315 DC plug (Length = 350mm)
      c) 3.5mm phone female to RCA male cable (Length = 150mm)
      d) XT60 male to FPV DC jack (Length = 210mm)
      e) 3.5mm phone female to RCA female cable (lenght = 150mm)