Parallel Charge Board XT30 3S

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A parallel charge board makes charging your LiPo batteries much faster so you can spend less time charging and more time flying.

In combination with a balance charger, a parallel charge boards can simultaneously charge multiple LiPo batteries reducing the overall charge time significantly. For example, if you have three 1,000mAh 2S Li-Po batteries, which you charge at 1C (1A), this would usually take approximately 3 hours to charge each pack individually. With this balance board you can charge all three packs together in just one hour!

This charging board has six sets of JST-XH balance ports and six XT30 plugs. Since these connections are already wired in parallel, all you need to do is plug your batteries' charge and balance connectors to the board - ensuring that all the batteries are the same cell count and at a similar state of charge (~0.1v). The board can charge up to six LiPo batteries from 1S up to 3S at up to a 20A charge rate and each output is fused.

The board has standard 4mm banana plugs ready to connect to the main output of most RC battery chargers.

IMPORTANT: When attempting parallel charging, the important thing to remember is that the battery packs all have to be the same cell count and therefore the same voltage rating. You CANNOT parallel charge a 6S pack with a 4S pack. This is an advanced method of charging and requires a certain level of electrical understanding. If you are not comfortable with charging calculations or wire sizing, please don’t attempt it.