Matek FCHUB-6S

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Size: 36x36mm
        30.5x30.5mm Hole Mounting , M3
Weight: 8.5g
BEC Output: 5V & 10V

5V BEC Output:
- Designed for RC Receivers, Flight Controllers, OSD and Servos.
- DC/DC synchronous buck regulator
- Voltage: 5.0V (4.9-5.1)DC  
- Current: 1.5A (Max. 2.0A 10S/minute)
- Short-circuit tolerant ( 2 Seconds/minute)

10V BEC Output:
- Designed for VTX or FPV Camera
- Voltage: 10.0V (9.8-10.2) DC  
- Current: 1.5A ( Max. 2.0A 10S/minute)
- Short-circuit tolerant ( 2 Seconds/minute)
- 10V can be used to power cameras labeled as 12V.
- The 3S Lipo input voltage should be 11V plus.

Current Sensor Module  
- Max. Range: 184A
- 3.3V ADC
- Scale the output voltage to milliamps ( 1/10th mW/A): 179

- Total 4 pairs ESC solder tabs are fix for X Type frame
- Max. 27V input w/ TVS protection
- Built-in current sensor 184A
- PDB: 4*30A ( 4*46A, 5 seconds), 4 layers*2oz copper PCB
- BEC 5V@1.5A ( Max. 2A) w/ 100uf POSCAP filter  
- BEC 10V@1.5A ( Max. 2A) w/ 47uf MLCC filter
- 5V&10V output LED indicators & Short circuit tolerant

Package Included:
1x FCHUB-6S PDB Board
1x bag of screws