Kakute F3 Flight Controller - Powered by FMR racing

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The Kakute features recessed, sideways pin headers. Also allows for soldering of all wires directly to the pads without the use of any pin headers. Dedicated Boot button for easy firmware flashing. Reinforced solder pads for trouble-free direct soldering. Extremely low profile design. Input voltage 7v to 42v allows you to power the board directly from your flight pack up to 6S (on 'BAT' pad only!).

VIN + VBAT merged - A single wire to power the board will provide voltage input and Telemetry/OSD voltage data. Filtered voltage output - 5v 800mA (and 3.3v 150mA where applicable) to power peripherals such as RX, OSD, etc. 5v/3.3v RX selectable.

  • Cleanflight support (RACE target)
  • BLHeli flashing supported by hardware
  • Raceflight ready
  • Betaflight ready