HQProp Cinewhoop 3" props

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HQ has done it again, the community wanted it so HQ made it happen! Welcome the HQ CineWhoop Duct-3 PC Propeller, the only propeller you will need to make your CineWhoop fly! The CineWhoop prop was designed to work with popular CineWhoop ducted quads on the market.  So no more using a scissors or nail clippers to cut your props down to fit inside the ducts. The CineWhoop prop is designed to be strong durable and is made from the same material that goes into the popular PC propellers from HQ Prop.


  • Size: 3"
  • Shaft Hole: M5
  • Material: PC
  • Weight: 1.9g

Package Includes

  • 2X CW HQ Prop Duct-3 CineWhoop Prop
  • 2X CCW HQ Prop Duct-3 CineWhoop Prop