EV Peak CD1XR Dual Charger

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  • Exclusive LiHv battery charging program
  • Two independent circuits to charge two different types of batteries simultaneously
  • End voltage adjustable
  • Automatic charging current limit
  • Safety temperature controlled
  • Safety timer
  • Individual battery voltage checking
  • 10 Battery memories


AC Input Voltage 110V or 220V
DC Input Voltage 11-18V
Charge Power max.100W*2
Discharge Power max.20W*2
Charge Current 0.1-10.0A
Discharge Current 0.1-5.0A
Balance Current 400mA

LiPo/LiIon/LiFe/LiHV Battery Cell Count

NiMH/NiCd Battery Cell Count 1-15 cells
Pb Battery Voltage 2-24V
Digital Power Output Voltage 3-24V