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SkyRC B6 nano duo Charger

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The operation and UI of the SkyRC B6 nano duo two channels charger has been optimized to be hassle-free for basic usage. Being app-enabled, the user experience can be largely expanded, more features and advanced settings are provided within the free app.
Multiple safety protections are implemented, such as, reverse polarity protection, charging time limit, charging capacity limit.

AC Input Voltage : 100-240V
Display Type: LCD
Case Material: Plastic
Controls: Four Buttons
Case Size: 127x115x71mm
Weight: 561g
External Port: 2-6S Balance Socket-XH, Battery Socket, AC Input
Delta Peak Detection for NiMH/NiCd: 3-15mV/cell / Default: 4mV/cell
Charge Voltage: NiMH/NiCd: Delta peak detection
                             LiPo: 4.18-4.25V/cell    Lilon: 4.08^.2V/cell
                             LiFe: 3.58-3.7V/cell    LiHV: 4.25-4.35V/cell
Balance Current: 1000mA/cell Max
Reading Voltage Range: 0.1-26.1V/cell
Battery Types/Cells: LiPo/Lilon/LiFe/LiHV: 1-6cells
NiMH/NiCd: 1-15cells Pb: 2-20V
Battery Capacity Range: NiMH/NiCd: 100-50000mAh
LiPo/Lilon/LiFe/UHV: 100-50000mAh Pb: 100-50000mAh
Charge Current: 0.1A-15.0A
Safety Timer: 1-720minutes off
Charge Wattage: 200W(100WX2) 
Discharge Current: 0.1A-3.0A
Discharge Cut-off Voltage: NiMH/NiCd: 0.1-1.1 V/cell
                                                LiPo: 3.0-3.3V/cell    Lilon: 2.9-3.2V/cell
                                                LiFe: 2.6-2.9V/cell    LiHV: 3.1-3.4V/cell
Pb: 1,8V
Discharge Wattage: 8W
Balance Cells: 2-6 cells
Charge Method: CC/CV for lithium types and lead (Pb) batteries
Delta-peak Sensitivity for NiMH/NiCd.
B6 nano duo supports power distribution when one single channel is working, the max power is 200W; when two channels are workings, it is 100W per channel.

Packaging Included:
1X SKYRC B6 Nano Duo Charger