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D8 Mini Receiver PPM SBUS for FrSky

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Item name: 2.4G 8CH Receiver
Distance: 300M +
Resolution: 1024
Interface: PPM SBUS output (SBUS default)
Voltage: 5V-20V
Current: 25MA
Supports PPM or SBUS 

Compatible with FrSky X9D (D8 mode), XJT (D8 mode), DJT, DFT, DHT and other tuner

Size: 12mm * 17mm
Weight: 1g

Frequency method:
1, X9D remote control select D8 mode, the receiver hold down BIND power, then led always on, the remote control select BIND, the receiver led off means the frequency is completed, the remote control to exit the frequency mode, let go BIND key, 
Electric can be used.
2, DJT, DFT tuner press and hold the tuner button to turn on the power of the remote controller. At this moment, the tuner enters the tuner mode, and the receiver will hold the BIND power-on. When the tuner frequency is completed, the led will be off. At this moment, the remote control restarts,BIND key, the receiver can be used to restart
3, XJT dip switch dip switch selection D8 mode, and the frequency of the above
PPM output mode:

Short PPM pads on the back of the receiver are ppm outputs that can be used to connect flight control, or wireless simulations, or wireless coaches
SBUS output mode:

Short the SBUS pad on the back of the receiver for SBUS output
Loss of control:
Currently only support the third channel out of control, can not define their own, regardless of any way to control the various channels, please throttle channel in the third channel.

Package Included:
1 x
2.4G 8CH Receiver