PC1260 Dual Channel 12S Lithium Battery Charger

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Input voltage: 100-240V
Output power: 1260W
Discharge power: 100(50W x 2)
Charging current range: 1.0-12.0A x 2
Balance current: 1.0-5.0A
Size: 272x202x118.6mm
Weight: 4.95KG
Lithium battery section: 12 knots (12S x 2)
Charging mode: fast charging / precision charging / battery storage
Lithium battery type: Lipo/LiHV
Structural design meets ergonomics, simple operation, flexible
Moderate size, portable design, easy to carry
Fingertip button operation, more accurate setting, more flexible selection
Supports 2 12S lipo-batteries
Supports high voltage lipo batteries (LiHV)
Can remember the last charge current
Fast charge, precise charging and battery storage
Master-slave mode can be set, and multiple chargers can be connected to the data line to synchronize settings
Multi-function protection: short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection, over temperature protection
Charge current adjustable: 1.0-12.0A
Battery voltage detection
Battery internal resistance detection
The charger can be upgraded via the USB interface