Parallel balance charge board - XT60 with fuses 1-8S

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XT60s have quickly become one of the most popular connectors throughout the RC hobby, and this board is the perfect complement for your XT60-equipped batteries.

The board comes fully fuse protected, with 40A blade fuses on the main circuit and self-resetting polyfuses protecting your balance plugs.
The board can handle packs from 2S-8S and is capable of charging up to six packs at once at up to 40A. The board also includes additional ports for small 1S packs, and even a barrel plug to charge the battery from your FPV goggles. 
Need to charge more than six packs at a time? Simply daisy chain multiple boards together and there's no limit to how many you can connect.
Not sure how fast your setup can charge? Click here to use our power calculator and find out!