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For Freestylers By Freestylers

Designed to be the ultimate freestyle frame. This has been over two years of R&D and lots of crashing!

One of the main design features we wanted to include, was to adjust the HD and FPV camera angle in one go. The front camera cage incorporates this.  Loosening two screws and you can adjust cameras together from 20 to 45 degrees.

Also inspired by drop frames with a lower center of gravity. Unique to this frame, the back top plate flips up for easy access to both stacks. This makes repairs quick and easy. Both stacks are 20x20 and 30x30 compatible.

It has a Wide X configuration with individual arms. So replacing a broken arm is a sinch. Only 5 screws hold these arms in place compared to the normal 8 screw pattern. The arm locking mechanism is completely unique to EchoQuad.

All carbon parts are cut on our own CNC machine based at our warehouse in Cape Town. This frame has been through months of crash testing by pilots of all levels.

Frame Weight : 130g

5" M2M Dimensions : 220mm

Cinematic Version

  • Lower camera angle
  • More height for electronic stacks (25mm)

Cinematic HD Version

  • Same as above
  • More space in the back for the DJI Air unit

Standard Version

  • Higher camera angle
  • Less height for electronic stacks (20mm)

Included in the kit

  • 4 x Arms 4mm
  • 1 x Bottom Plate 2mm
  • 1 x Arm Base Plate
  • 1 x Top Plate 2mm
  • 16 x M3 Screws
  • 1 x M3 Screw
  • 3 x Clinch M3 Nut
  • 4 x M3 Washers
  • 4 x M3 Lock Nuts
  • 5 x 20mm Standoffs (Standard Version)
  • 1 x 20mm Standoffs (Cinematic Version)
  • 4 x 25mm Standoffs (Cinematic Version)

We do carry stock on the shelf, but sometimes will encounter a 1 or 2 day delay if some parts need to be cut on our CNC machine.

FREE Replacement Warranty

This frame is part of our FREE replacement warranty program.  

  1. Send us your broken parts and tell us how you broke them.
  2. Pay for return shipping or place an order and we will include the replacements in the box.

This does NOT apply to the 7inch version of the frame.


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