ZTW Spider 18A Lite Opto Oneshot ESC

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NB: This is the last batch of these ESCs as the factory has stopped producing them.

The ZTW Spider OPTO ESC's features a very smooth yet linear throttle response.  Super small and powerful.  Flashed with SK bootloader which can be used with the Afro, Turnigy or DYS USB linker / programmer.

Continuous Current:18A
Burst Current(10s):30A
Battery: 2-4 Lipo
Max Power:880W

Flashed with BLheli Oneshot firmware
Extremely low internal resistance
Super smooth and accurate throttle linearity
Safety thermal over-load protection
Auto throttle shut down in signal lose situation
Supports high RPM motors
Power arming protection (prevents the motor from accidentally running when switched ON)
Use new generation of the MOSFETs to make sure the ESC with low heating and more reliability.

Package Includes:
1 x ZTW Spider 18A OPTO Oneshot ESC

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