Micro Scisky 32bits Brushed Flight Control Board based on Naze32

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Size: 20.0*33.5*6.0mm (not including the USB)
Weight: 2.5g
Frequency for driving motor: 2000
Brushed ESC: continuous working current is 4.2A, max current is 6A(5S)
Integrated with DCDC voltage booster circuit ( output 5.0V/500Ma), it can supply power for other device through IIC and UART port;
The hardware of the FC is based on Naze 32
It will enter bind after powered for 10 seconds automatically.
You TX will need to be 5cm from the board when binding. 
How to set up brushed ESC mode after the firmware is flashed:
Set MOTOR_PWM_RATE parameter >2000 but<32000, the details are the following
Under CLI  enter “set motor_pwm_rate=2000”, then click “enter”, then input ”save” and click “enter” again.
So you can set our 32 FC to brushed ESC mode after the firmware is flashed
(note:2000 means the signal frequency for controlling the brushed motor is 2KHz,  the maximum you can set is 32000, that is 32KHz)